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Dear Readers,

We have moved to http://www.perfectdayplanner.blogspot.com for about 3 years now. I apologise from the bottom of my heart to those who have commented on this wordpress page but have not received the notifications at all! Please pardon this technologically-slow notification email by WordPress. This is one of the reasons why I moved to blogspot.

Should you have further queries, please forward your email to perfectdayplanner@gmail.com and I will respond to it most precipitously!


We have moved!

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Tune in there!

PICC Feb10 & Holiday Villa Mar10 weddings

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Pelamin by Theme Que Bridal

Instead of aisle flowers, we placed bamboo lantern bulbs to suit the theme of traditional malay decor

Thank you, Azmin of prettypeektures for the photos!

Please pardon the quality of the photos below as some of it were taken candidly by amateur camera people.

Ribbons and roses for the courtyard

Tea party concept

Menu layout created by PDP, inserted the same chandelier motif from the invitation card into the menu design.

Main Table with Bird Cage arrangement

Seating Plan

Bride's collection of photos with the seating chart

Picture frames made by the bride

Registration table with artificial topiary plants

The crew with Linda & Firhad

Hopefully we will get more professional photos of these weddings soon… stay tune!

…of flora & fauna

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Usually, brides-to-be will go for their favourite colour or the colour that compliments them the most. I agree on the latter but if you are like me, I love colours of all sorts (with the exception of tumeric yellow!!). So which one do you choose? A simple way of finding out which colour will suit you & your wedding best, when you are reading through the bridal magazine, find a bridal bouquet that you’d love to have on your wedding day. That is a good start.

If you tend to go for imported blooms (Asian flora are rather bright in colours – that’s for a tropical theme wedding or party) and unless you have the mega budget to spend on the whole wedding decor with imported fresh flowers, use it just in your bridal bouquet. My December bride emailed me a list of her favourite flowers – which happens to be all spring flowers! Since her wedding is in December, the flowers could only be imported from either Australia or New Zealand. Not that I’m against local flowers, but local roses are rather small and the decorator/florist will need a HUGE quantity of it to create the design or decor of your choice. However, imported roses from China & India are almost similar in price but double or triple the size.

I happened to stumble upon this blogspot which is a great, for brides to see the combination of flowers or bridal bouquet that is suitable for them. http://flowerdesignstannes.blogspot.com where beautiful floral arrangments can be an inspiration for brides-to-be. I really like the Mother of the Bride/Groom Epaulette flowers where instead of a corsage or wristlet, the floral epaulette is placed on the shoulder or pinned to a clutch bag of the wearer. It will certainly look great when pinned to the selendang or scarf of the mother of the bride, don’t you think?

Alternative of wristlet or corsage flower

Phalaenopsis orchid

Sweet - both the flower and the mother

For more corsages and buttonhole flowers, click http://www.buttonholeandcorsage.blogspot.com

All pictures are from flowerdesignstannes.blogspot.com.

Mock Up wedding photos by Fotofarm

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I can’t put that many on the blog before the publication of the Ratu Sehari June/July issue, so here are a few photos for the blog. Since this is my first Mock Up wedding theme set up, please excuse the lack of plates (or china), glasses and cutlery. I would like to do another Mock Up set up – but in a studio instead.

Stationery for main table

Invitation with matching colours for the wedding favor

Main Table decor

Cake Area

Mock-Up wedding decor set up

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Honestly, I had hope that I could have done more with the set up. Unfortunately, a series of ‘unfortunate’ events came rolling in my path of setting up the decor according to my ideas. My photographer met with a serious accident and which I only found out 3 days prior to the photoshoot, the chiavari chairs supplier was not forthcoming with her supply and gave a lot of excuses for her delays and though I found a replacement photographer, he only had 2 hours to spare which was not enough time to set up the the decor! So all went wrong but despite the chaotic scene of extreme heat and rushing the decor (sorry Zizan & Ardly) team, the set up was more or less acceptable. Although, in retrospect, I wished I had listen to my gut instinct and brought some cutleries, plates – a proper table set up!

Nevertheless, I have also started designing wedding invitation cards – simple yet attractive. I’m trying to stay away from the norm of hot-stamping, thick plywood covered invites which at the end of the day looks either cheap-ish or cheesy and could not be mailed because it is too bulky & heavy. The wedding invitation; to me – represents the host of the wedding or the “sneak preview” of the wedding. It’s like an acquired taste. Some may want the “let’s just go cheap because people are going to throw it away” cards, others prefer the “Le Grande” look and orders it from Indonesia for the A4 size heavy and bulky invitation where last minute changes are not applicable. Invitations should represent you or at least, the theme of the whole wedding. Embossing is fine as it adds depth to the normally flat card and adding ribbons or lace or crystals will accentuate the design better than hot stamping! The type of paper selected is also very important – many don’t know this but papers can be rather expensive…. I’m going to attempt to design one using recycled paper – provided I can get hold of it…

Cake Table

The theme for the mock up wedding decor was White & Black and the flowers chosen for it was White Roses & Carnations, White Eustomas & Mathiolas, and a tinge of Green Carnations. I would have love to get hold of green hydrangeas but none was available at the florist. Sigh! By the way, these photos were taken by my daughter, Anis, for our record only – professional pictures from Fotofarm will be uploaded soon!

Tea for two... perhaps?

Round Centrepiece

Stationery to complete the theme of the wedding

Lace & Diamonte to accentuate the card

For those who prefers the non-floral look

Recent Developments

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Guilty! I have not been posting previous events as religiously as before… But stay tune as I will be posting pictures of a mock up wedding set up soon after the photography is done this Saturday. The theme is Black & White & Green and the venue is at Kelab Tasik Putrajaya Presint 8. It has a beautiful view of the Putrajaya Lake and the menu comprises of Malay and Chinese food.

Next month, I shall start compiling and posting mood boards on my blog.

By the way, do watch TV3’s Nona on the 4th of April, yours truly might just be on TV. I was interviewed last 14th March during the wedding of Linda & Firhad.